Assay, Green, Mip 1B, Monoclonal Antibody, plasmid

Phosphate Assay Equipment in One Cell for Electrochemical Detection of Intracellular Phosphate Ions at Single Cells.

On this paper, phosphate assay equipment in a single cell is realized for the electrochemical detection of intracellular phosphate ions at single cells. The elements of the phosphate assay equipment, together with maltose phosphorylase, maltose, mutarotase, and glucose oxidase, are electrochemically injected right into a residing cell by way of a nanometer-sized capillary with the ring electrode on the tip. These elements react with phosphate ions contained in the cell to generate hydrogen peroxide that’s electrochemically oxidized on the ring electrode for the qualification of intracellular phosphate ions. A mean 1.7 nA cost was collected from eight particular person cells, suggesting an intracellular phosphate focus of two.1 mM. The institution within the electrochemical measurement of phosphate ions offers a particular technique to observe the fluctuation of intracellular phosphate at single cells, which is important for the long run investigation of phosphate sign transduction pathway.
Andrew Green