Innovex Fc Receptor Blocker

Fc Receptor Blocker is a ought to for proper lymphoma, leukemia and melanoma typing and as well as for Background-free Kappa and lambda staining

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Does NOT embody antibodies, serum, immunoglobulins, immunoglobulin fragments or enzymes.

Moreover obtainable in azide-free for keep cell, helpful assays and Stream cytometry. Fc Blocker might be utilized for keep cells and helpful assays which is likely to be delicate to sodium azide with none cytotoxicity or cell demise.
Azide-Free Fc Blocker can be used for Stream cytometry.

Innovex Fc Receptor Block is a peptide based experience designed to dam Fc Receptors present on all leukocytes (white blood cells), lymphomas, leukemias and melanomas. Fc receptors are moreover expressed on a majority of tumors; Blocking the Fc receptors is vital for proper typing of lymphoid and tumor tissues and cells. Fc receptor staining occurs by the binding of Fc receptors present on cells to the Fc space of the primary and/or secondary antibody and isotype controls.




  • Blocks Fc Receptors in every human and animal cells
  • 30 minute incubation step at room temperature for human tissues/cells
  • 45 minutes to 1-hour incubation for animal tissues/cells
  • Eliminates false constructive staining of white blood cells, lymphoid tissues, cytosmears (blood & bone marrow), melanoma tumors and completely different Fc expressing tumors
  • Insures right lymphoma and leukemia typing
  • liminates unfavorable administration staining of lymphomas, lymphoid tissues, and blood and bone marrow smears
  • Eliminates false constructive staining for Kappa and Lambda staining
  • Eliminates false constructive staining of Reed Sternberg cells
  • A ought to for CD markers staining in IHC, immunofluorescence
  • A ought to for CD phenotyping by the use of circulation cytometry
  • A ought to for Immunoglobulins (Igs) staining by the use of IHC, circulation cytometry and immunofluorescence
  • A ought to for kappa and lambda staining

Azide Free Fc Receptor Blocker NEW

NB335-60 60 ml
EUR 1027.2

Fc Receptor Blocker; 4X Concentrate, 15ml NEW

NB309-4X-15 15 ml of 4X
EUR 930

Azide Free Fc Rreceptor Blocker

NB335 30 ml
EUR 651.6

Innovex Nuclear Red counterstain (permanent), 10ml

NB326 10 ml
EUR 238.8

Sheep IgG-Fc ELISA Kit, 96 tests, Quantitative

7615-Fc 1 kit
EUR 854.4

Horse IgG-Fc ELISA Kit, 96 tests, Quantitative

7715-Fc 1 kit
EUR 854.4

Dog IgG (Fc) fragment (isotype control, non-immune), purified

20016-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 300

Human IgG (Fc) fragment, purified

20007-1-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 249.6

Mouse IgG (Fc) fragment, purified

20008-1-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 300

Rabbit IgG (Fc) fragment, purified

20009-1-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 300

Goat IgG (Fc) fragment, purified

20011-1-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 300

Hen Blocker

CH23106 100 ml
EUR 434.4

Rat IgG (Fc) fragment, purified (isotype control)

20005-1-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 300

Goat IgG (fc)-Biotin conjugate (isotype control)

20011-Fc-B 100 ug
EUR 196.8

Goat IgG (fc)-FITC conjugate (isotype control)

20011-Fc-F 100 ug
EUR 196.8

Goat IgG (fc)-HRP conjugate (isotype control)

20011-Fc-HP 100 ug
EUR 196.8

Dog IgG (Fc) fragment (isotype control, non-immune), purified

20016-3-FC 0.5 mg
EUR 300

Dog IgG Fc-Biotin Conjugate (isotype control, non-immune), purified

20016-FC-B 0.1 mg
EUR 270

Dog IgG Fc-FITC Conjugate (isotype control, non-immune), purified

20016-FC-F 0.1 mg
EUR 270

Dog IgG Fc-HRP Conjugate (isotype control, non-immune), purified

20016-FC-HP 0.1 mg
EUR 270

Active Blocker 2

abx090802-01g 0.1 g
EUR 594

Active Blocker 3

abx090803-01g 0.1 g
EUR 493.2

Active Blocker 1

abx090804-01g 0.1 g
EUR 718.8

Bax channel blocker

A4459-10 10 mg
EUR 408
Description: IC50: 0.52 ?M in Bax assayBax channel blocker is an inhibitor of Bax-mediated mitochondrial cytochrome c release.

Innovex FC Receptor